Waterhouse Building,
the home of the
Natural History Museum

The world-famous Waterhouse Building is a London landmark and a work of art. This beautiful building was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, a young architect from Manchester.

When you arrive, pause to take in the huge fašade and high, spired towers. The rounded arches and grand entrance were inspired by basalt columns at Fingal's Cave in western Scotland. This is one of Britain's most striking examples of Romanesque architecture.

When did you last visit the museum? Have you seen the new Darwin Centre?

As part of the launch of the property magazine later this month, PropertySpy shall be contributing to the work against mosquito spread disease carried out by leading scientists at the top research part of the Natural History Museum. Revisit this website for further details.

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Budget 2007:
Gordon Brown delivers
his final budget speech

Homeowners were hoping that Gordon Brown would deliver a property friendly budget – his last as Chancellor, with some unexpected rewards. We say overall he took as much as he gave.

Hopes included a substantial rise in stamp duty thresholds, incentives to make homeowners properties more environmentally friendly and a sign that the inheritance tax trap might ease.

But was the Budget 2007 good for property, or just green homes?

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Council Tax
Report Urges

People who live in the most valuable houses in England should pay more council tax, a review has recommended.

Sir Michael Lyons' report calls for a new top rate council tax band, along with a new bottom rate to cut bills for those in the cheapest properties.

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Old or New -
Which One
for You?

With 5 million new homes forecast by the year 2027, there promises to be plenty of choice around for new house buyers…

There are many benefits to buying a new property compared to an older one, BUT don’t get swayed completely by the glitter and glam of a new home…

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Tips for a
Stress Free

Moving house is up there in the top three most stressful events of our lives, along with divorce and death. The very thought of it is enough to send us into stress overload, however with a little careful planning, the move itself can be swift and simple and even enjoyable.

Planning and organisation is the key to a successful move, and this step by step guide will help to ensure your life runs as smoothly as possible.

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Dries Up

London property purchasers are pulling on their hardhats and settling in for the long-term.

It’s manic out there. There is so little to buy that whenever anything comes on the market, it is snapped up by the quickest and richest out of a scrum of buyers. People are having their offers accepted on property only to see those offers turned down because the sellers have nowhere to move. And all the time, prices are rising and rising.

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Going Solo...

The savvy single is on the rise. With a growing proportion of singletons choosing to make the most of the carefree lifestyle and set up home on their own, many housebuilders have developed a range of properties and tailored incentive packages that are perfect for single purchasers, and guaranteed to get them moving on… So what’s out there?

Solo purchasers have a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances so if you are ‘going solo’ in 2007, forget grotty bedsits and box-like one bedroom apartments – with a new property, you can take your pick from a number of different types of new builds.

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World House
Prices Slow

“Home!” cried Dorothy – “And this is my room – and you’re all here! And I’m not going to leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all! And – Oh, Auntie Em – there’s no place like home!”

Well, Dorothy’s journey to find the Wizard of Oz and her return to Kansas is not unlike UK investors’ journey to buy abroad. Next and final stop is home. As price growth in property slows across the world, the cleverer British buyers of property across the planet are deciding the market is peaking and are bringing their money back to Western Europe.

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Does buying your own Home still offer a 'win-win' situation?

With Spring well on the way it is time to take stock of the future and make sure that we are making the most out of our decisions.

Buying residential property is still a growing trend, and many industry pundits are amazed by the longevity of the current housing market’s popularity.

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Three-Storey Living Still in Vogue…

The stylish town house has a long and eminent history, seducing the gentry with its charm, flexibility and status.

Modern versions are springing up on new developments all the time, aspiring to be in the same league, but do they live up their older counterparts? Coveted certainly and elegant they may be, but it seems we will never tire of this fashionable design.

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Ski Property Gets a Lift

Ski property continues to interest buyers, despite the threat of global warming on Alpine snow.

The top resorts continue to command the top prices and the greatest popularity. In the mainstream resort of Les Arcs, developer Intrawest has launched Edenarc in Arc 1800.

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